Monday, September 3, 2012

135. Monday Musings: Rule of a Creator's Life

Stumbled upon this image once upon a time while Pinterest-ing. I can't help but ponder on it as this photo is very relative to me! I know many of us do! We all can relate and on my part, there is just the urge and maybe a need to live by these words.

1. Do more than you're told to do. - Don't we just feel guilty of this? In a world that is seemingly offering us a lot of things for us to do (imagine all these social networking sites and an ocean of apps!!), we often neglect the role to help and ~impress~ people in a good way. In a simple office setting, aren't we guilty of 'I am just paid to do ONLY this and not that and only up to this point not anything beyond this'? But if we are capable of doing more, why not? It will make this world a better place. You won't notice but doing even a little more can be of great help to someone. If we're doing our best we must not be stuck with just enough. Also, for whom do we do things for? If for God, then doing your best for God's glory (1 Corinthians 10:31), one will not remain as a mediocre.

2. Try new things. - There is a sense of happiness, even at the slightest and even if it seems like unnoticeable, when trying things for the first time. It may be as simple as buying a fancy notepad to  tryinga new cuisine to enrolling in a new hobby to visiting an island for the first time. Anything new brings a different kind of joy! These things can bring sense of fulfillment and it somehow helps in resetting the barometer of saturation.

3. Teach others about what you know. - Let not our tendency be keeping things to ourselves, well except for the things that should be kept to ourselves and we are entrusted to keep, but most especially when it will help others a lot, or more so when it will make others happy. Tell people the good news they deserve to know! Tell people that it is up to 90% SALE in your favorite boutique. Tell people that something is not working properly. Tell people that Jesus lives! Tell people that as far as your knowledge (and maybe conscience) is (are concerned, what they're doing is not right. Preach and tell.

4. Make work into play. - One does not need to be a professional athlete or a professional gamer just to feel that their task is 'playing'. Maybe quite a no. of us feels like we are in the wrong place at the wrong time -- or at the wrong job. I feel this way too. I know it's easier said than felt but let us all be grateful that we have a job (as long as it's decent). One common denominator among ALL jobs is that it can be enjoyed even in its simplest form -- like free coffee.

5. Take breaks. - We were all taught how to give ourselves a break. As preschoolers, as students, recess, lunch breaks, semestral breaks are part of our schedule! Why not apply it in 'real life'? A coffee break. A long break. A vacation away from the city. As long as it's a break that will help us against burning ourselves out. Breaks that will help us think well, take deep breathes and organize our thoughts. Breaks that can lead us back on track. We don't know what a break can bring us -- a rest, a phone call, a random chat that who knows can bring us our 'big breaks'.

6. Work when others are resting. - And rest while others are working? No. Not to take this literally. Take the opportunity to be ahead!

7. Always be creating. - Don't be idle. Keep thinking. Be innovative. Just allow the flow of the creative juices. Don't be stagnant. Instead, savor and maximize those moments that allow us to be ~creating~.

8. Make your own inspiration. - Inspirations help us do better and/or be better.

9. Love what you do, or leave.- And this is by far the most striking of them all. I wish it's THIS easy. I have been thinking for quite some time. It is just not so easy. I keep on praying of when the time is right to take a giant leap of faith of leaving.

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