Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Night with Grace

Say hello to my AP (accountability partner), Grace! But long before we were AP’s we were already super close back in our college days! Wow parang kailan lang!! We would usually meet up before or after our school schedules then just chat the hours away with chocolates and McDonald’s fries. She would also sleepover our house and we would randomly talk about everything inside my room. We love it when classes get suspended because we will have more time to be together. We were like soul sisters. But our lives have been busy in our own ways, I for my part drifted away from our “usualness”.

Last night was like a reunion of the both of us. I initially contacted her to work on my tiny workplace some weeks ago. Grace is an architect and soon to be licensed. Since she needed additional measurements of my place she just showed up in our house without notice. She has always been welcome anyway. But we all know how spontaneous meet-ups turn out to be the bests. Last night was not an exception. We talked like we don’t have a job to attend to the next day. Four long hours!! Incidentally, my mom took home McDonald’s large fries and so our reunion was complete. It was a nice feeling being able to talk to her, like really talk - of personal matters and whatnots. I really appreciated the night that had happened like our closeness never faded through the years.

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