Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIW: Mind Museum Day

Freeway top | H&M skirt | white shoes from Korea | Abby Jocson bag
Nothing essentially special with this post’s outfit – not even a Miss Merie post haha but still thought of posting this because back on the day this photo was taken, I told myself that I would post this hahaha! Labo diba, laki ng problema ko.

 I like this shot, I feel cheery, maybe because it was really a fun day! This is what I wore when Luke, Andrea, Luke’s pretty niece, and I went to Mind Museum and strolled around High Street and also around Glorietta. It was also a day of shopping!! Oooh, I guess that previous sentence’s the cause of the cheery vibe haha! This photo also makes me miss my short hair. It’s been four months!!

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