Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Milky Moustache in BF Homes

Family dessert night at Milky Moustache still along Aguirre Ave in BF Homes! I can still picture it as a "white" and neat place with a touch of sweetness. From outside the white interiors will catch attention, milky indeed. Unless packed with people, I see the place as somewhere I could find myself busy with a book or a magazine. There is also a hint of coziness in it, their chairs are comfy with high backs. It's also interesting to look at the quotes chalked in the framed blackboards on the wall. That night we ordered their English Moustache (cookies and cream), Mario (Kitkat) and Batwing (coffee) milkshakes. Obviously mine was the coffee one and I liked it! Just the right mix of coffee and milkshake. Didn't like much their Mario and their English Moustache was too sweet. I would like to be back to try their other flavors and their bestseller which was not available that evening. Prices are a tad expensive, ranging from Php150-180, if I recall it right on their milkshakes.
The place is attractive from outside.
Their interiors are neat, nice and simple. 
Their menu as mentioned by one of those who assisted us are not yet final that time.
Our milkshakes.
Picturing myself alone in this place. Not bad.
Yes, my Mom has been taking lots of photos lately. 
Parents <3 p="">
Sisterly lovin'.
Family is love. Family is forever.

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