Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bamba Bistro Birthday Dinner

Bambaaaaaa Bamba Bistro! Sister's birthday sumptuous dinner was at Bamba Bistro, guess where?? Still along Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes! I chanced upon this on one of Patty Laurel's blog posts. I have to agree with her positive review of the place and the menu. It was a Tuesday evening and still the place was packed! It is not big enough. We were already seated outside the reason why I don't have much photos of the place. One downside is the serving time which took about at least thirty minutes for a meal to be served. Hence, this might be a good venue for catching up, plenty of time haha! What we ordered that night was worth the wait and their prices.
French Fries Moderne - feta, honey, fried rosemary Php 190
I LOVE this!!! 
Baby Back Ribs Php450
Crispy Lapu Lapu Php490
MOST LIKED dish that night! Yummy yummy crispy lapu lapu fillet!
Lamb Adobo Php395
An interesting take on lamb meat. I believe this is one must-try in their menu. The distinct taste of lamb meat is evident in this dish.

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