Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Que's Birthday

It's two months overdue but my one and only thus the best sister's birthday is worth a space here in my personal nook online! I couldn't ask for any better person to be my sister other than Queza. A very down-to-earth,  nice, hardworking, responsible, wise and bright, basta napakabait at napakabuting tao my sister is! It's funny looking back on those two decades and so on how we grew up and now we are both trying to get past through our "adult problems"! Hahaha! Parang kailan lang when she was one cutie patootie grey-eyed bald baby girl and now she's grown to be the best in bullying me! My only prayer is for her to grow even more, to be the best woman God intended her to be. I know she will. 
On the second of February, as part of sorta early celebration, we dined in at Mama Lou's in BF Homes. Mama has been wanting to eat there and so we did that night. Oh how it satisfied our tummies! Mama Lou's has been consistently meeting my expectations so far. I understand why it does not run out customers. :) We also had our dessert at Milky Moustache after which I would also be posting about next. 

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