Monday, April 20, 2015

WIW: Saturday Summer Feels

It was a busy busy Saturday but I am not complaining. Last Saturday was so productive; it was a happy pill for me! The only thing that irritated me that day was the unwarranted SUMMER HEAT!! I believe the temperature that day rose up to 36.5 Celsius high! Thank God for air-conditioning!! As you may already know I AM NOT A FAN of SUMMER. One of the few good things for me that I love about summer is I am free to wear “lighter” and shorter clothes without being much bothered by the rain or the cold. It’s one season to give those layers a rest and simply put on a dress. My outfit last Saturday may not be a dress but it’s a perfect example on how someone should dress lightly! Haha! I am wearing a comfy printed sheer top from Miss Merie. It’s actually my lazy outfit, top and shorts, most especially these HOT summer days. 

Another go-to outfit not just on summer is dresses! It’s so easy to just slip in a dress then off I go! I always enjoy creating and shopping for dresses. I frequently visit Polyvore as the choices on this site seem endless! But of course, it's more of a window-shopping online. Just last Saturday I was doing my rounds of gathering inspiration for my designs, and I chanced upon these pretty nice dresses and it actually caters locally!! I almost shopped!! I had to stop before I click on the proceed to payment button. Anyways, let me end it here before this crazy heat completely drain my energy as I have some dresses to make for my clients as well. :) 

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