Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I wanna join the workforce!

I really can't contain in words all the thoughts carried by my brain cells. I can't even blog regularly when in fact I have so much time in my hands. Bum. I'm just not-in-the-mood and is oh-so-lazy. The result - piles of anything-under-the-sun to jot on.

(L-R) merie (in a dress i designed that didn't turn out the exact way i wanted).
with jose. with candy. with raiza and joyce.
co-MFI (5th-7th photo). tassel on the left.
with my ever dearest Mama. with fellow SFF grads.

It's been 9 days since my graduation day. And yes I am still not a member of our country's workforce, simply put - UNEMPLOYED. As what I'm used to saying already - everyday gets boring-errr. I'm inside my room 89.99% of each day. Well, that was an obvious rough estimate. The reason for me to a shift from i-wanna-be-a-bum-forever to i-wanna-work-now-and-earn-moolah. So yeah I enthusiastically applied...online! I posted my resume online and voila! Some or should I say a few companies called/texted me for interviews. I declined most of them. Pfffft. Call centers --- didn't study BSC-MFI in DLSU-M to attend calls and accept nasty words from callers I don't even know. I only attended 2 interviews -- from EJ Hall (Oct 6) that led to my 2nd interview at Banco De Oro (Oct 13). The 2 interviews were just like normal conversations and I didn't tremble. Yay to me! I was more nervous the time I was interviewed when I shifted courses and when I applied for OJT at RCBC. I could already work for BDO (I just have to call them I think) but the salary is too low for me. So I would not opt for the BDO job. I'm still in search for the right job which translates to high-salaried jobs lol (not call centers please, thanks). I'm actually praying for the right job. And still, let God's will be done. I actually have a 'job' as a Sunday school teacher and the research team of our Church is actually requesting me to join them. No salaries, just allowance and rewards in heaven.

Also, last Oct.10 I was out of my room and house and went to mi alma mater to return the toga, the e-tickets, and to claim my grad photos and my alumni card. Jose, Kat, Seph, and Diane were there too. And since all of us have some moolah to squander (thanks to the toga deposit!), we decided, with Jose's initiative and the errr his desire to see Eagle Eye, we went to MOA. But because of the screening schedules, we weren't able to watch any movie. Rheata (idk the right spelling) and Julie were with us in MOA too. We just ate and talked and laughed and strolled and rode the tram. haha! We did watch the fireworks. Have I already mentioned that I am in love with fireworks? I was sooo happy that day. Mababaw, oo na. And of course because the green light is on, we ate at Krispy Kreme and took some pics. The photo is just like a farewell party to Jose who seem to have leukemia. It's his last wish to have a Krispy Kreme party. hahaha!

Passion Passion Passion!!!
Try visiting 268blog.com and you'll see how powerful their conferences were. Each of the first four cities of the last leg were blown away! This is one of those topics I always love talking about. My first post on this blog is actually about Passion Manila and glad that up until now, the fire that they passed on is still burning! That's how GREAT HE is. Passion Mexico, Passion Vancouver, Passion Seoul and the very recent (just last night) Passion Tokyo were all huge successes! Thousands of FRUITCAKES united all for HIS renown.

Now I know who's behind some or most of the photos of teh Passion conferences. It's none other than the gifted Jeremy Cowart.

So what keeps me busy? This:

But I'm doing it with pleasure. I'm the over-all in charge. The youth annual 2008 will be up in just a matter of a little more than 2 weeks. I claim its success!

And since I've been tagged, though I'm not used to tagging here in my blog I would just post these 2:

Got the Butterfly award from mia, andy and hannah. The other one's from jeru and chiui. Thanks gurls. Appreciated. I'm sorry but I'm not gonna tag anyone (yet) in this entry. Sorry for breaking the rules 3&4. I might do this some other time.

And yeah I'm back to watching movies! haha! Be watching My Sassy Girl (elisha cuthbert version) Another Cinderella Story and She's The Man (yeah, I love Bynes, i know it's so 3 years ago). I need to shorten my days for the wait on the Twilight movie. What? You haven't seen the full trailer yet? Go see it here.

One of the worst spellings I got for MERIE.
I would rather accept MARY than wuuuht?? JULIE?? doh!

I think I chose the right mood - bloggy. Bit long entry again.hihi...

Hold me in Your arms like a new born child. I'm desperate for more of You.
Touch me, with Your love deep within my heart I'm waiting for more of you

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