Thursday, October 23, 2008

Job Interviews

I feel so awake and I'm left with nothing to do. Just finished watching Mamma Mia and it's nice! Love it! I love musicals, and when I say musical, I say Across the Universe -- THE BEATLES!!! About 30+ songs of them and... ok i'll stop. This entry isn't about them. And when I say musical, it includes HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL as well. And i'll be watching HSM3 this coming Saturday. Weeee! It's not for kids and preteens only, right? And when I say musical, please don't mention Camp Rock & Jonas Brothers, no offense, thanks... :) Haha! Of course, we all have our own tastes of movies and music. It just so happens that JBros are not my type, and their songs too. Hey! I'm not supposed to blog about musicals.

Ok, back to the first sentence of this entry -- i feel so awake and I'm left with nothing to do -- so I decided to just blog about my job interviews yesterday, I mean, the other day (it's already past 1am of 10/23/08). This blog needs a taste of some entry that's coming from a now-degree-holder. Did I just say that? That was hilarious HAHAHA. eeeek. Ok enough. I am just so feeling awake. oooh, maybe it's the dark chocolate's fault!

Anyways, yesterday the other day, I had two interviews, both in Makati. One in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. "Lucky" that I am, the offices were just near to each other. Just walking distance. These were just my 3rd & 4th job interviews and these two were to be considered "weird & unforgettable". Some 'excerpts:
1st company

interviewer: Ok, so you're a La Sallian! (smiling)
I smiled.
interviewer: So what can you say about those comments that La Sallians are just rich people who can afford to pay, unlike those from UP who are really brainy ones? What can you say about those things?
me: Those are just stereotypes and hasty generalization (I recalled INTPHIL fallacies here.. haha)
interviewer: Are you not angry about those comments?
me: Noooo?
interviewer: But what can you say about La Sallians just rich and not-so-brainy?
me: Ahmm, I know of many classmates, La Sallians, who are wealthy but who are also intellectual, brilliant students. And in La Salle, we do have scholars who can't afford the high tuition fee who of course are intelligent.
interviewer: Ok, so you do not get angry.
me: No.
Is she an Iskolar ng bayan? Or is she someone against La Salle? Or maybe one of those who stereotypes. Anyway, I find it weird because it's like, the interview revolved around this question. The highlight of the interview that is. No "tell me about yourself." or "how do you see yourself blank years from now in this company". Nothing like that. Really weird.

2nd company

interviewer: Is it okay for you to work on sales or office?
me: Yes.
interviewer looks at me
me: Yes?
interviewer: would you choose sales or office?
me: oh, haha, office...

All the while, I thought that she's asking me if it is alright with me that I work on sales or office, when she's actually asking me to choose between the two. Am I that slow? Stupid. Funny. hahaha!

And on Monday next week, I have a scheduled interview again somewhere in Ortigas. hmmmm, what's in store with that? I pray that I would find the right job for me soon. I'm not in a hurry to work, but so much in a hurry to earn MOOLAH! Christmas season is up! Shoppay shoppay! Let His will be done. In His time.


Back when we were just little kiddos we have our dreams and now that I'm no longer a kiddo, I'm trying or should I say I'm beginning to live one of my greatest dreams. It's never too late for someone who wants to learn (as what the saying goes). So I bought a new set of colored pencils, colored pens, and fashion magazines. And now I'm awake for making it more than just a dream.

I wanted to find where I was going. Everything I tried. It took me nowhere. I was so tired of just living my life, waiting for a sign. You came to my side, gave me direction.

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