Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Ever Guy Debut I've Been To

Yeay to me! I've been out today! Today's the very first time I went out of my house for this year, 2009! Of course I attended Church service! Wow, how I miss the House of the Lord, the house where I praise and worship and listen to the Good News. Technically, it's my first service for this year as well!

I loved today's message as well. THERE IS HOPE FOR THE PHILIPPINES.

if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
-2 Chronicles 7:14

The song Heal Our Land is based on this verse. How wonderful would it be if every Filipino would abide by this word, Philippines will really breakthrough and God will surely unleash all the riches of this Pearl of the Orient. We sang that song after the preaching and I sung it with all my heart and I cried. I love my country and I know my country will be greatly used for the great revival. Why do you think Filipinos are so linguistic and are scattered everywhere across the globe? I believe we will be used. And the prophecies about the Philippines, just wow-ing.


And so there was this surprise debut celebration planned for Elvin and I learned about it just a few moments before the surprise itself. I missed the preparations. He is already 21 years old! His parents are so sweet. They were the ones behind it. We held his debut inside McDonald's and we had a kiddie party! So cool!!! We had these kiddie games but still we loved them and are quarreling over the prizes hahaha and we still enjoyed the mascots but then I really don't like Grimace, he's scary, or is he really a HE? I'm confused. Some photos.

the celebrant's tarp

he's talking to his GF while we're singing the birthday song
she knows about the surprise! Oh you!

Elvin aka Kuya Biboy blowing the candles

Shem, his girlfriend giving her birthday message for Biboy

this is the thin moi! But I'm happy :D
with the party hats and the games!

lower Hamburglar and grimace loweeerrrr!

the celebrant with his mascots of course!

younger bro Noel and Jezrahiah,
yes, Jezrah is sort of afraid of Happy

moi and Happy Hamburglar

Elvin, the girls, and the mascots
don't we look all happy and gay! :)

giving his thank you message
and closing remarks
and 'i knew it!' message

showing off his birthday dedication board

Isn't it obvious we enjoyed the party! It's complete with 21 messages and verses and all! Had fun!

I made this new tumblelog named Let's Play Dress-up. It's where i'll put my outfits, and how lame I can get. It's in HERE. I also updated my ShopStyle account. See, I need a job! Haha!

Breakthrough all my fears...

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