Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm back complete with a new layie for my blog who just turned 1 last July! Happy 1-year http://msheng12-fruitcake.blogspot.com! (still missing my old blog though *sniff sniff*). Simple layie as I don't wanna spend hours tweaking. The header photos were taken by Oluj (my fave photographer) and I just simply edited it. Twas from our photoshoot last Saturday.

Again & again (& again & again... to the tune of 2PM's song..haha!), after more than a month, an update! Yipee yay!!

A LOT, LORS and LORS had happened from the last and before the last update. Since I have not updated formally for the month of June, allow me a brief run through of the happenings:


(looks at my planner and journal...)

Oh, nothing really special except that I visited our province Bohol together with my family and of course had a blast. The highlights:

  • tried the new zipline (longest in the Philippines) @ E.A.T adventure park in Danao, Bohol. It was FUN!!! Indeed a wonderful experience!

(forgive my errr shrieking hahaha! I got a bit scared but was all worth it!
You should try it when you visit Bohol)
  • Lola's birthday celebration
  • Mini Clarete reunion @ Dumaluan beach
(Bohol pictures here)


Fast forward to the end of July, I resigned from my very first work. That was 6 months of being an MPC Analyst at Rustan Commercial Corporation. I finally made up my mind -- i will follow what my heart truly desires (drama much haha!) and will enroll myself in a fashion school, but of course will not totally leave the corporate world as a lot of money was invested in my education (hello, DLSU-M tuition fee! haha!). Looking forward to studying again. :) I'll definitely miss my very first workstation, the family-aura-office and also the discount every time I purchase anything from Starbucks (oh goodbye RCC perks & privileges)! But more than these, I will surely miss my RCC family, my very first office family. As a despedida gift they gave me a bag plus farewell letters complete with photos of my Asian crushes haha! They absolutely know my obsession!

the farewell letters. and those are photos of Teukie and a topless Lee Min Ho! haha!

the bag they gave me.

My RCC Family

Just last night I had dinner with them @ Lutong Macau.


The Filipinos are deeply saddened by President Cory's death. I was born under her presidency therefore I can say I'm a Cory Aquino baby? Haha! But seriously I admire her integrity, humility and most of all her deep faith in God. I salute her for all of these traits. May we, Filipinos, live by the examples she left us.

Anyway, on that same day Tita Cory died, I, Julo and Julie had nothing to do so we scheduled our photoshoot @ their condo. Here are some of my faves:

More photos @ Oluj's site

Another photo-filled entry. haha! As always, what's new with mSheng12. Now, will do one of the things I miss doing - bloghopping! :)

God Bless everyone!

Oh, pahabol!


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