Thursday, August 27, 2009

I See the Sky

The sky, the clouds, the rainbow, the stars ~ these are all that cheer me up and help me brighten my day when i'm in a gloomy mood. That photo on the left was shot by me (im no good at photography) yesterday while i'm walking along our street. I came from wandering around the city and i realized again and again and again that life is indeed wonderful. Yesterday is a bliss. Yes, I was alone wandering but I am free ~ that freedom God gave me. I've sort of pondered what have I been doing with the freedom God has granted ~ then too many realizations followed. But at the end of the day I'm grateful and happy.

In the past days being a "bum", a lot of queries ran through my mind that I got confused and even got depressed. But I know who's the answer and I just have to turn to Him. The rainbow has always been an epitome of hope for me, and as I saw one on the sky yesterday, I know that it's God's signal. I failed, I screwed, I stumbled. To be able to move forward, I must stand and act. I must not remain still. I must move on. I now know what I really want in life, but I'm still after His plans for me and I have long surrendered this life to Him.


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