Friday, August 7, 2009

Define Haengbok :)


No I won't blog about Eunhyuk's lovable dance moves. Just posting. Haha!

But this --> Can't help but post this. I. CAN'T. FRIGGIN'. WAIT!!! Haha. An avid reader of my blog would know that two of my fave TV series-es, are It Started With A Kiss & its sequel They Kiss Again. It's an adaptation of the manga Itazura na Kiss (Mischievous Kiss). I have watched the anime version itself, and of course the Taiwanese TV series. I love the plot no matter how foolish it may seem :) Jiang Zhi Shu and Yuan Xiang Qin (Kotoko Aihara and Naoki Irie in the Itazura na Kiss manga/anime) are just so cute. And up until now, I'm listening to its OST. Haha! Anyway, moving on, I have read from this site (AllKPop rocks, haha!), that there would be a Korean remake of Itazura na Kiss!!! Group Eight bought the rights and this is the same company who bought the rights of Hanayori Dango, yes, the one responsible for Boys Over Flowers as well, which made me giddy more as we all know how successful their version was. My anticipation is heightened even more as according to the article I've just read, they are thinking of putting a new ending. FYI, the manga is unfinished as the author died unexpectedly, the reason why They Kiss Again is somehow "bitin". So, yes, there I JUST CAN'T WAIT, even if it would take me a year of waiting :) *insert a dancing Merie here* lol.

On other note, I would also want to blog about my weird dream last night. I was a runaway bride. Oh yes. W.E.I.R.D. I can vividly remember the "cast of characters" and yes, even the groom. I won't mention names as I do believe that dreams are sometimes caused by repressed memories. So, I'm shutting my mouth. But I guess, I can find a logic -- maybe it was caused by my being able to watch the "abangan" part of two TV series. In Love or Bread (starring ArJoe), Lalaine (Ariel Lin), ran away from the wedding, and in Boys Over Flowers, Jae Kyung opposed the wedding right before the wedding ceremonies. There there.

And also I can't wait for the upcoming Inkigayo and Music Core.

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part of Haengbok's MV, one of my fave SuJu songs,
some call it gay-ish but they're really so cute forming the saranghe sign.. haha!

I wish my ever-strict Mom would allow me to go to tomorrow's outing. *crossing my fingers*

I want to hide under the sheets, stare at the ceiling, feel the wind, enjoy the rain...

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