Saturday, December 12, 2009

Say goodbye to too much fangirling. Say hello to a whole new world~

Come Monday, and hopefully onwards, my schedule would be pretty hectic (artista??). Seriously, I chose that kind of schedule and I need to endure it. I need money. This would be a challenge. I got 'THE CALL' this evening and I was in shock after talking to her. I was thinking way too much that I haven't noticed my Mom entering my room and saw me in a staring-at-space-mood. Lord, help me. To be honest, I have no idea how to start. And what that Jonathan told us is that the beginning is the crucial part of this career. I must be one step ahead. Wah! I am scared.

Yesterday, I had a good time for myself. I had a funny experience and after that funny experience, I decided to do the 'chill walk' (Jose should copyright this already). I walked my way to ATC and tried this different path that I *ahem* discovered. It was a long walk but I did not complain. This stick-thin body needs exercise too.

I stayed in Powerbooks and continued reading some books and some magazines. I decided to own copies and so I texted Tita Alice and ordered some. I am excited to read those. They would help me - A LOT.

And as I often do after staying in Powerbooks, I headed to Starbucks, which is just less than 50 steps away (I really counted it), and had my weekly dose.

"One Vanilla Frappuccino for Ms. Ma..."
I handed over the receipt and the barista's still trying to figure out what's written on it.
"Ma... Tol, ano to?"
I gladly butted in and said "Merie."

My Merie is ALWAYS misspelled and how a barista cannot read it is already beyond me. I want Merie written on my cup!! Just saying.

Yes, the coffee-based frappuccino lover that I am ordered the cream-based vanilla frappe just because I can. It's just my second time. I was patiently waiting for my nook to be cleared but I got tired of waiting and so I decided to sit by the glass window. There were skaters outside who from time-to-time distracted me.

When I'm in Starbucks and alone, I always grab the chance to reflect on myself. Maarte ako, kailangan sa Starbucks pa talaga. Haha. Of course I kid. When I'm in Starbucks I talk to myself and to my Potter, with the feel-good jazz music on the background. I always realize a lot of things which is actually good. And as soon as I stand up and step away from where I was seated, I move on with life, doing the best I can to be better in His sight.

1-2-3 Whateverisms:

Let me share with you my latest 'sketch'. I will get better, right?

Tomorrow I shall attend our church's national council Christmas party and the attire is *drumroll please* SPORTS ATTIRE! Yeah, right. I'm thinking of wearing my cheering outfit.

If ever some 'follower' of mine wants to know where I mostly lurk: in my Tumblr.

Also, I decided to go back to day 1 of PDL 2 nights ago and not just read it but study it and do an in-depth and deeper reflections each day. So let me end with this:

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