Sunday, December 13, 2009

Muntik Na

I laughed at myself for almost giving up. Though I don't stick to the cliche "Giving up is never an option", I admit that yesterday and until today, I somehow realized that it would actually do me good if I adhere to it. Muntikan nang matisod. But, sorry, I don't serve you people, I exist because of Him and for Him. Hah. I'm being tested. I almost failed, but thank God, I'm still holding on.

The Christmas party I went to yesterday is a so-so. Do not want to be in a Christmas party like that again.

I almost had a-day-that-sucks-big-time. But, thank God for fireworks and Starbucks, they made me smile and helped a lot to lighten my mood.

1) Mary on a toffee nut frappuccino
2) ‘OMG did I just have contact with Afianne (Fiamette)and Monique (Centimosa)??’
3) I guess I’m tweeting through my phone??

L) Mr. Photographer caught in motion
R) My own shot of my SB drink for the night

It’s supposed to be a shadow of me. I’m deformed.

Last night, the heavens witnessed me dancing on our streets.

Yes, I did dance, while listening to some music. No one’s watching or at least I wasn’t aware that someone is. And I loved it. I feel like doing it more often or every time I get home past 12AM.

Today, I'm stubborn. Tomorrow is another day -- one challenging day. Hwaiting!

1-2-3 Whateverisms:
  • This 99 Common English Mistakes seriously made me more conscious of how I write. Dang! I'm like shot by every bullet. Bang bang. MagTagalog na lang kasi.
  • I want a wardrobe makeover.
  • I'm 'planning' to buy 3 pairs of booties. Keyword: PLAN.
  • I want to raid Ukay-ukays. Preferably those at Anonas.
  • I just realized that this blog is starting to say so much STARBUCKS that's why people are already starting to tie Starbucks with my name. :(

"Your stubborn love never let go of me."

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