Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sunday no. 49

It's the quickest title i can think of (despite the fact I somehow counted)...

I was the MC of our church's 2nd service. It's not an easy task. I was shaking. There were around 400 people in front of me and I was almost lost for words. But of course I asked for the Holy Spirit's guidance and I did pretty well for a first-timer. Oh please, let me do prayers not much of an MC. I know I've been MC-ing for youth gatherings but not for this. I can't live without throwing a lame punchline. Lol. Lame...

And then we had this exam during our youth gathering and it was really like an exam taking by students in class and make the subject Theology. Hahaha! It was a funny experience for our youth group because I seriously saw creased eyebrows and wrinkled foreheads because of too much thinking about the answers. Some of the questions were Bible based, some were taken from lessons taken. Funny how almost of us hear the verses every Sunday/convention/seminars and yet when it's time to fill in the blanks, all we wanna do is grab the Bible we have and look for the right answer. We have yet to know the results on Sunday. Lol. Just like a real exam, we were seated one seat apart. HAHAHAHA!

Of course the usual eat-and-talk followed.

Anticipating that there would be a fireworks display, which we found out later that there was none, together with my family , we had our dinner outside. It's something we seldom do since my sister lives in an apartment near the university where she studies and on weekends, all of us have different ministries and commitments to attend to. So I'm thankful.


being the someone-to-run-to-when-you-want-to-consult-with-something-to-wear-slash-someone-to-turn-to-when-you-need-a-shopping-buddy that I am (ok that was some really long , nonsense adjective), I accompanied Julie in looking for her '70s' outfit she needs to wear on her Christmas party. We ended up buying something from Freeway :)

After which, we met Julo and decided to head to Starbucks, Alabang-Zapote Road only to receive a text from Beng that basically made us transfer to Starbucks, Madrigal and still ended up in Starbucks, ATC.

There is no any sign of regret since we enjoyed that night that has long been missed by each one of us (again, Kaye, where art thou??). We talked about something something bla bla, and that things that make them busy and the things that make us not busy. Wait, whut?? I would always be one non-sense blogger.

But seriously, amidst the chatting, I was observing them, and their aura is just so strong I can feel their happiness. I am definitely happy for them. Seeing them happy after a long time of not chilling together, is something that made my sleeping sound that night.

yes, ive always been the not-so-fair-skinned among us 5
but am proud.
Oh, I dislike the fact that they label me 'Koreana na talaga ah'
>_> Seriously, friends?

And as I walked home, I again pondered about my vast horizon. And I again looked at the sky, for as long as I see the stars, I'd keep on dreaming and I'd keep on moving towards them.

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