Thursday, December 3, 2009

Parking Lot Getaway

Yeah right, I visited the salon for another haircut just this afternoon. I just got my haircut last Monday. Lol. Not contented? Now my bangs gone really SHORTER. But I'm dealing with it. Haha! Julo and I, after chilling at Starbucks ATC, played with his camera in the parking lot. It was fun. I forgot I had some real-life problems to deal with.

Heck yes! These are my shots of the awesomest photographer I know -- Julo!

we played with the parking lot light

the me still devouring over my hot choco even outside Starbucks and my really cute artwork :D

And of course I spent time with my journal, my Bible, sketchpad, pencils and colored Staedtler pens

wouldn't be complete without my fail name spelling

1-2-3 Whateverisms:
  • still need to continue writing that fanaccount xD
  • tomorrow is worth another try
What's for tomorrow?

cr: Julo for the photos

It used to be darkness without you. I lived my life in blindness but now I am found. And I'll sing, sing I love you so... And I'll sing because the world can't take away Your love...

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