Friday, December 9, 2011

115. The Distracting Centerpiece (the Christmas so-called Party)

the distracting centerpiece
The title itself tells you how I didn't enjoy much the company Christmas party (which was held @ Sofitel). I don't blame the events planner/s or committee or whatever. It's just that, a few days before Christmas and I. STILL. DO. NOT. FEEL. THIS. SUPPOSED-TO-BE-JOLLY-SEASON. How sad, right?

However, one good thing that happened that day is that I got to spend a LOT of time with him, away from our workstations.

I don't know what happened to me but I used to take a lot of pictures whenever 'something's happening' like events. And then I stopped.

So here's all that I've got.

preps @ the salon

us, aren't us a lovely couple?
please say yes, thanks! lol

And that last photo is me who didn't enjoy much but got tired of dance partying. Three things:
  • few food choices and not that sumptuous
  • the erm politics
  • I DID NOT WIN THE RAFFLE! The iPad2, the home theatre, the LCD TV, the iPod touch, the laptop... even those consolation prizes like USB, earphones, GCs... !!! They are all aloof of me!!!!But why??!
So we didn't go to any after-party and instead had our snacks at Wendy's and then we both went home to my place and took our very well-deserved rest.

About the title: It's not just about the centerpiece. Maybe I'm just a cranky young lady in the event who deem like everyone's annoying and a distraction. It's just so different now.

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