Tuesday, December 6, 2011

114. Happy 11th

I prayed and then he came into my life. And we're now spending happy days together -- will spend more blissful days in the future.

I think this is the first ever blog post about our day (except for the birthday/our-day). We go by really simple -- our happiness is simply being with each other.

Or might I say, we celebrated it in advance last Saturday. We went home together to my residence (since he's supposed to accompany me for a job interview early Saturday which didn't push through). Our late midnight snacks was well-served at Shakey's, Times. Went home and did some computations on our tax (lol our kind of bonding) and had some sleep. We left home past lunch -- to Makati malls first then to our favorite Ayala Triangle Gardens. We have been there last week and have already watched the Spectacular Spectrum, but still we watched it all over again from a different angle. Then we went to RP Manila wherein we did some shopping for outfits for the company Christmas party. After shopping, we had our dinner and finally watched The Adventures of TinTin.

For the day itself...

I made a personal card instead of buying one. Seems like I already bought each kind of the 'monthsary' card available in the bookstores.

I'm short of budget, and it's Christmas season (lol for excuses) so I gave him Goldilocks choco crunch polvoron. It's still sweet ya know!

The boyfriend gave me these.

the Yakult says 'Maligayang Pasko'

But of course, it's definitely more than these.

Words won't suffice to convey how much I feel for you, how happy I am to be with you.
I love you.

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