Sunday, December 18, 2011

116. The Last 2011 Saturdate

It is just now while I'm writing this blog that I realized that yesterday was indeed our last Saturdate for 2011 (2012 is fast approaching!). The following Saturdays are bisperas for Christmas and New Year and as much as I/we would love to spend it together, I'm bound to go to the province up north for a mini Reyes reunion. And he, of course, needs to spend it with his relatives. I am not sure about the New Year but his Mom's coming home.

M:I4 Ghost Protocol and Christmas shopping was our plan and kudos to us we stick to the plan!

Hold on... We were supposed to watch the movie last Friday before heading to work, but he had "something to do" so I just waited and spent some me-time hours inside a coffee shop along Ayala, (and that I was able to move forward reading Pygmy.)

Going on with the blog post... It was both our first time to try IMAX! Kami na ang super late ma-try! A few days before, he was asking me how does it feel like watching in an IMAX theater, and I said I haven't tried it myself as well. And so, we both thought that Ghost Protocol would be the IMAX-must-try movie for us. The movie did not fail us! What we paid for is so worth it. The first-time-experience would be unforgettable. Lol. Btw, thank God for Sodexo GCs as Christmas bonus. :) I would love to write a movie review but the cold sheets are calling my soul to dreamland. I guess I would have to settle giving a 4.5 out of 5 rating. Why? It's... It's so AWESOME-- simply put.

Of course we talked about the movie as soon as we can. Its awesomeness and yes, of course there would be some "loopholes". We talked about the "possibilities of the impossibilities" of the movie, etc etc. In our daily normal or at times, not-so-normal conversations, I just find myself amazed with how he thinks and those information loaded in his brain cells. Maybe one of the reasons why I always look forward talking to him.

Instead of eating, we began with the Christmas shopping ora mismo! But when we're about to get a shopping basket to aid us, we felt our tummies grumble. All restaurants and fast-food-chains are jampacked and luckily we eyed a table for two so we grabbed the rare chance though we don't really favor eating in a fastfood.

Dinner was rather fast 'cos we were so eager to buy those stuff we saw. In actuality, we didn't. Lol. We passed by Dimensione, a home furnishing shop. We were just supposed to look for a gift for his Lola when I saw cute gift items! Thank God for that shop! Lucky enough that it was a one-stop shop for me. I was able to buy gifts for the youth in our youth ministry. He was also able to buy gifts for his Lola, sister and niece. :) Our hands were full when we walked out of that shop. We did a little bit more shopping for his relatives since I was done with my part 1 list.

some of the stuff we bought. aren't they lovely pretty little things?

We deserved another meal so we decided to eat again afterwards.

I sincerely feel a deeper sense of happiness when I'm shopping -- be it for myself more so for others. For myself, I fill fulfilled that I have the capability to buy something I want, and not just something that I need. For others -- I don't know I just love giving. I just love seeing the smiles on their faces. Or maybe others don't smile but the glisten in their eyes. Or maybe I just love making others feel that someone remembers them. I just love making others happy.

Ever since grade school days, I've been a helper in gift wrapping, until I was already the one doing the giftwrapping. I was more than thankful when the shop gave me paperbags for each of the item I bought! Giftwrapping made easy! I just had to slip it inside, seal it and tape the gift card. And tada! The pan-de-sal-is-inside-looking gifts ^_^

It's more than the movie, the food and the shopping experience that we shared. It's our togetherness. It's the feeling that you have someone beside you be it for fun like watching the movie and savoring on food; be it for the hustle and bustle of the Christmas rush shopping; be it for being a blessing to others -- doing these things with someone you love is definitely more than anything material, not even the best shopping and movie experience can afford. And for this, I love you. And again, Lord, thank You for him.

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