Monday, December 19, 2011

117. The Art of Making Others Happy

Making others happy is an ultimate goal. While making others happy, there is also the feeling of inner joy, of fulfillment, when you know you have been a part of someone's happiness, when at times, you are the reason why they feel happy.

This is what I felt when a Pastora in our church told me "Tinupad mo ang pangarap naming makarating sa Makati.." Simple words but touched me deeply. It was only a simple dream, I'm thankful that I, together with my family and boyfriend, have been instruments in making this a reality.

It was after our church service that we invited them to join us watch the Spectacular Spectrum at the Ayala Triangle Gardens and at the same time have dinner with us. At first they had second thoughts but eventually gave in.

We haven't even stepped on the grounds of the garden, but they, most especially the young ones, were already amazed by the Christmas lights and decors they saw. Admittedly, they told us that they have never been inside the Makati/Ayala malls. We arrived at the Ayala Triangle about 15mins before the start of the show. Even without the music yet and even without the light dance, they already walked around the gardens and took pictures. Not long after, the show began. It was during that time that I found inner joy that day. I saw their genuine smiles! Their bright faces watching and their hands clapping in amazement of what they were currently seeing. It simply spells happiness and gratitude.

Of course, the short show have to end. And though we waited quite a long time for us to be served, we had a hearty dinner at (guess where guess where??) Amici. They don't pay me for posting their restau. It just happened that the kid really likes carbonara so I brought them there. Hearty dinner and talks over pizza and pasta. We even had desserts from Caramia. Gelatos!!!

And because, they haven't been in Ayala Malls, we brought them there too!

Didn't know that there's a new set of songs for Spectacular Spectrum. I guess there were three different sets of songs played that night.

So there. If ever you got the chance, the resources, in making others happy even in the simplest forms, please do so. Let's make this world a happier place. :)

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others
cannot keep it from themselves.

~ Sir James Barrie ~

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