Monday, August 27, 2012

134. The Much-deserved Vikings!

An entry that was three years in the making!

Though I am not part of the team, I am happy to see the Yellow Team be this year's Sportsfest Basketball champions! For three years, right from the very first ever sportsfest the company had, up until this year, I have been cheering for whatever team the Estimates department belongs to. I scream my lungs out to cheer the color -- from green to red and to must be the lucky color Yellow. Of course I have to admit that it was mainly to show support to the boyfriend and to give him the chance to show off his skills to me. Haha! And I must say that the games he played this year has got to be the best games I've seen him play. Naks, he was given a chance to play his part! Anyway, this post must not be all about him. It's dedicated to the team as a whole.

It was also good to see a team effort! Being a spectator for the past three years, it is this year that I saw a team with the players heading to one direction -- yung walang kanya-kanya! Bigayan lang. Set-set lang. No too much bakaw. Team effort. A team that executes a play. A team of give and take. And a team that, sometimes though it's hard to do and give out on those missed points, encourages than blames. Each one and I mean EACH ONE played a special role! And these roles summed up to victory -- the undefeated Yellow Team!! Pero sige na nga, laking tulong din na ang lalaking tao nila haha! Wa ko deny that fact!

And what's the best way to reward them champion boys-- for the hardworking boys?? Buffet and free flowing drinks!! Highest credit goes to Sir Edwin Volante for the treat! He's the acting coach btw!

Where to but ... Vavavava-VIKINGS!!!!

Ok, fail, not that. Hahaha cornyyyy I know.. It's actually the Vikings Luxury Buffet! Yes we had a mini celebration, despite being incomplete :(, lastSaturday (August 25).

The inspirations of the champion guys are also part of the celebration. Aba! Every point is inspired by us! Haha! Pagbigyan na ko, blog ko to!

With the Vikings experience, I can say that the cheering and the effort paid off! Aaaah FOOD COMA is where will Vikings lead you! Pwede ring death by Vikings. Lots of food choices await you. Drinks are free-flowing too! Desserts overload as well! And imagine my delight as soon as I saw their pasta menu. Oo na carbs na kung carbs agad but I ordered Carbonara right away! I failed to take pictures. Let the the food and lifestyle blogs take care of it haha! I felt like time is insufficient as I crave for everything savvy to my eyes. I have tried a few fine-dining buffets but I can say that with the price Vikings offer, it's worth it! Again, Mr. and Mrs. Volante, THANK YOU!! (For more info visit their website at

the champions 

The players with their inspirations! Hahaha!

Congratulations again Yellow Team to your much-deserved win!

cr: Dianne Alonzo and Robie Okada  for the photos

p.s. It would have looked and felt better if there was a complete team shot with the trophy. However, as of this writing, awarding ceremonies haven't taken place yet! Looking forward to your trophies (and champion shirts??)

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