Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Animo La Salle. Never Shall We Fail

Hooray!! Animo La Salle!! Waited for five years, we’re back and we’re no.1!!!

Six years ago I was able to witness La Salle’s win over UE which led to their 2007 championship! A year after, La Salle made it to the finals once again; but was heartbreakingly defeated by its “greatest rival”, Ateneo. I was a student back those years. As I look back from this point, all I can say is, wow it's been a long time…

Sulit na sulit na GA ticket!!
OT and a 2-pt win! What a game!

Last Saturday La Salle won against UST by two points over OT after a very intense game 3!! Luke and I by all means found a way to be part of this historical event! I witnessed La Salle’s victorious win. This time around, I’m already an alumna and it felt better winning the championship!

Wore it loud and proud for the first time in my life.
I wished and prayed for the Archers’ win, for selfish reasons, of which I feel like it’s still too personal to share it publicly and in here. I really felt that I needed that win personally. No one will understand me in this matter but it was one step as I journey this year of improving myself, of self-acceptance, of moving on... I needed this win, not to redeem something of my past, but maybe to relive what I could have felt back then. This win was one rare instance I felt “masarap maging Lasalista”. I am thankful for this win. And I could finally say I’m moving on.

Henry Sy Building where Anumo Night was held
the crowd a while ago!
Earlier today, I was at Animo Night in celebration of La Salle’s victory. It was nostalgic. And after years, I finally said, I missed my alma mater campus somehow. Animo La Salle!

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