Sunday, October 6, 2013

Double Three and Still I Love Thee! (33rd)

It happened to be DLSU-UST’s game 2 on our 33rd monthsary and what’s the best way to celebrate it?? Inside the Big Dome! Haha! First, we cheered for our respective alma maters, and of course DLSU won!! They have to!!!

After the game, I was able to spend dinner with some of his college friends. This was a first ack! Haha! So ganun pala ang feeling hehehe. It was a first for me ever!! I was like O_O. Hahaha! But I was glad to have met some of his friends finally.

AND it didn’t end there! Of course we got to spend our time together! Ayeee haha! We headed to Resortsworld afterwards. We had some coffee-blended drinks at Bo’s, had some catching up with each other and while waiting to watch Gravity. We realized that it’s been weeks since the last movie we watched! Movies were replaced with UAAP games hahaha!

This was one unique looong day monthsary celebration weee!
To my “bebelgam”, thank you so much for this weekend!

p.s. We LIKED or maybe even LOVED the movie, Gravity!!

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