Saturday, December 28, 2013

Giving Back: A Start of An Annual Tradition (Orig4 Christmas 2013)

Another happy post-Christmas celebration with my girls!This year, however, is a different and meaningful one. We didn't just celebrate Christmas among ourselves but somehow "passed on the celebration to others". 

This year we decided to give back to the kids. We just shopped for some chocolates, candies, biscuits, junkfoods, juices (and Yakult!!!) and also added some noodles that they can bring home to their parents. We then repacked them into Christmas loot bags. :) Ang sarap sa feeling! But it was far more fulfilling when we were already giving them away to the street kids we see as we drive along. :)

The "Metro girls" on the bottom right photo haha!
That's us in action inside Beng's car. Ang sarap talaga sa feeling!
That's our "favorite" girl. We were so deeply touched by her genuine smile upon getting the loot. Medyo nakonsensya pa kami kasi baka mas nahirapan pa siyang magbitbit.

And here's a quick video edit I posted in Instagram about our meaningful Christmas. :)
with my lovelies after doing the grocery :)
After the meaningful giving back to the kids, it's time for our yearly Christmas dinner and gift-giving! Yay!! Finally, the four of us got to try  Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen inside BF Homes. We normally pass by this place when we go in and out of BF. 
a peaceful cozy ambiance just like home
They have really good-tasting pizza and pasta and Mama Lou's blueberry cheesecake is a MUST-TRY!!! I don't have photos of the food we ate but maybe I'll share some review (key word is maybe) when Julie uploads her photos haha! They also have superb service!

(U) my girls wih their gifts
(B) the four of us
Our 'motiff' for this year is Blue Dress :)
(c) Beng
Speaking of gift-giving these are what I gave them: mini notebooks and pens with their names engraved on it. We used to keep a diary of us four and pass it among us in rotation. Since time and opportunity do not permit us to do these things at this point, I decided to just give them these and still write just like we used to. 
our names engraved
'Til next year my lovelies! Cheers to another decade of friendship! :)

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