Tuesday, August 5, 2014


One-four-three. I love you. I love thee!!! 
Each monthsary I try my best to come up with rhyming lines to shout to the world how much I love this man. No matter how corny or annoying I could get I would still do it just like what I did here. I won't stop even to the point that I have to create my own dictionary. Hahaha! Happy 43rd to us boss amo!!!

Last Saturday we had our date night at MOA. I had my pasta dose!!! Hooray!!! We dined at the alfresco section of Cafe Adriatico. So we had a sea view. And then there was an event at the activity centre wherein Itchyworms were playing at the background. So we had a live band. And then there was a fireworks display (the weekly MOA fireworks display hahaha). O diba! The ordinary Saturdate turned perfect moment. These little things count big. 
This Carbonara is pasado to my taste buds!!!

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