Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Mind Museum Day

Mind Museum
Bonifacio Global City, The Fort, Taguig City
May 24, 2014

Travel need not be really far! I am classifying our Mind Museum trip still under Travel Tuesday because for me this is something of a "journey" though not that far away. Luke and I have long planned on this trip with his favourite niece, Andrea (finally met her this day!). And so when I spotted discounted tickets at dealgrocer.com I immediately purchased them. 

One of the things Luke and I love doing is loiter around "informative places", such as museums. Informative places talaga! Hahaha. I remember our Hong Kong trip when we entered four museums!! Oh how we enjoyed each one! Anyway, Mind Museum is no exception even though it mainly caters to kids. We got our expectations up prior to going this day and these weren't met sadly. It would indeed mainly entertain kids, we expected a bigger place -- the place is big we just expected it to be bigger. But don't get me wrong, the museum meets the standard or even a tad over it and it's still worth a visit most especially with kids!!! For kids, the four hours could be maximised but for adults who should have already figured out or already studied mostly what's inside, four hours might be too much. There are areas designated for astronomy (there's a planetarium!!), world history, math, technology, etc.

Below is a photo diary of our Mind Museum trip. Despite my not-so-positive review, this is still a must-visit most especially if one lives just in the metro; still a fun and learning experience. :)
The way up is through this escalator. Also there's some futuristic fashion area haha
Mind Museum ootd
the curious Luke
learning through arcade!
Selfie with the ancient people! What would they reaction really be upon seeing a camera?? Hmmmm...
The mind and the heart. Both occupied by Luke, hahahaha ang keso!
Must be the favourite part of the museum :)

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