Friday, August 15, 2014

Fashion Friday: Amsale Spring 2015

In light of my December wedding endeavor, I’ve been in constant nourishing of my supposed to be creativeness and ingenuity in designing the perfect wedding dress and entourage dresses for my first ever bridal entourage. I am blessed beyond measure for the trust given to me by the couple. That is why I am trying my best and pouring my heart out on this. During my free time I browse through different creations and of different designers and stores. Below are some of this week’s finds.

Cr: Saja
Cr: AliExpress
Cr: Ogotoshop
This post also features Amsale’s Spring 2015 collection. One of Amsale’s design principles, which I critically consider, is “Make Believe”. I try to place myself in the shoes of my client imagining myself being on the place and the occasion where the dress would be worn – “making believe that I am already there”. In my December bride’s case, I try to fascinate myself as much as I can the details of her wedding, making sure I know where their wedding would take place, the reception, the set-up and even the couple’s love story. I want to understand her style and personality. I don’t want my bride (and my clients) wearing any of my creations not reflecting a good association of my aesthetics and their persona.

Going back, I really like how clean, dainty, flowy and elegant the pieces of this collection are.

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