Saturday, January 31, 2015

Orig4 Yellow Christmas

And here is a post on our annual paying-it-forward and Christmas party with my lovelies! It was another meaningful fulfilling tear-jerking moments of giving. This time, we chose the gasoline station boys and security guards working hard during those holidays! Ang sarap sa feeling!! We then thought of doing it semi-annually. We'll see. :)

We started of course by grocery shopping and Metro Gaisano was still our top choice! We opted to give away sandwiches with something sweet and something to quench their thirst.
The mandatory grocery shopping photo with my girls fear. Rabbie!
We checked-in at Parque Espana Residence Hotel since it's an apartment style with the utilities we need for our preparations.
Elevator groupie!

Preparing the tuna sandwich and packing them was fun!!
And now that it's ready, almost sunset, it's time to go!
the cheerful givers above and some of the happy recipients below:)
After giving, we had our Italian dinner at Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano in Alabang.
We also had a stopover in Evia for our much-needed hot drinks that cold night.
And then back to the hotel for our celebration!! Yayyyy!!! We had a wine and cheese and ruffles and Twix and Chips Ahoy kind of night. We talked a lot about life and marriage and the superficial people hahaha! I LOVE MY GIRLFRIENDS!!!!

Til our next girlfriends!! Hope we can inspire more people to pay forward even in little ways! :)

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