Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Miss Merie on Instagram: January

This year, I wish to talk and blog more about my designer side aka Miss Merie side. In all honesty, I am still not confident enough to claim the job title "fashion designer". It actually gives me the creeps just thinking of calling myself such, as I feel so unworthy -- because I know I am so trivial in that world; I feel so tiny and I certainly believe that I have a very very long way to go. But the good thing is I have taken some steps farther into reaching that destination. So sige na nga pwede na siguro fashion designer. Pero 'wag masyadong malakas ah haha! 

A year into venturing into this dream of mine, I have been granted a lot of opportunities and I even had my FIRST EVER MISS MERIE bride just December of last year! With full entourage as well!! EEEP!! Just thinking about it still gives me that giddy feeling! Also, I was able to design a number of long dresses, release a humble summer collection, release a holiday collection through a collaboration and build/open my own fashion studio-slash-office or simply my headquarters (claiming big things will arise from this).

So anyway, the above photos are the designs/products and proud clients I had last month. The group of four photos above are some of the custom pieces for clients. Yes, since I am still on the early stage of my fashion career, I try to be open on different pieces from simple tops to long dresses, as long as I can design them!

From top to bottom: Chat Tacazon wearing two pieces from our Concrete Et Garden collection for a wedding; Dr. Iza Ramirez wearing a maid-of-honor dress for her sister's wedding; Tita Jean Bustos wearing a principal sponsor dress. That apple green accented gown is actually a favorite. I really like how it turned out.

The very bottom photo is a design sketch for a client. I can't wait to see this come to life!

I keep my Instagram account updated of my Miss Merie endeavor so follow me maybe?? Haha! My personal account is @mSheng12 and specifically @missmerie_online for more fashion-related posts from everywhere. 

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