Monday, March 2, 2015

Aficionado: Magnum Opus (BF Paranaque)

Magnum Opus means "work of art". Naming it to a coffee shop automatically gives the notion that it is an artisanal one. This is another post on hopefully an endless series on my search for coffee shops and caffeinated drinks, locally and hopefully abroad (sarap pakinggan ng abroad!!) 

As I began searching for coffee places, most especially the third wave ones, I was so glad that one shop humbly sits here, down south. Yes, it's located in The Prime block in BF Homes Paranaque. Maraming salamat Aguirre avenue, you are a wonderful stretch of food and drinks discoveries. I did not have the chance to try it right away. It was only when a good friend from the north, had to visit my HQ and fit the dress I designed for her, that we both got the chance. We were like-minded on this as it's the same place we wanted to try bilang she came from the north and then she was currently in south that moment. We are so happy we did! It did not disappoint :) 
It's a tiny place with an al fresco area. Since the inside was crowded that time, and to give Arianne the chance to have a breathe of fresh south air hahaha, we stayed in the al fresco area. It was a good time to catch up. Medyo matagal din kaming hindi nagkita. When I am with Arianne, all of my travel and dining dreams resurface instantly! These are the common stuff (with Korean stuff as a bonus pa pala hahaha) that we normally chat about. We talked a lot on these matters and career, too. She's one person I thank God for --  we don't get to hang out always, and she has far closer and has the closest friends, but I know she is a friend of mine.

Arianne ordered flat white and I tried their bestseller Belgian Heartbreaker. I SUPER LIKED their Belgian Heartbreaker. No wonder it's their bestseller. Their cheesecake tasted good, too! With coffee/coffee-blended drinks, I always want a good blend of sweet and bitterness, ayoko ng masyadong matapang at lalong ayokong masyadong matamis for coffee. I guess Belgian heartbreaker had a good mix of milk, coffee and dark belgian chocolate -- yes the dark belgian chocolate was melted and mixed to the coffee drink. Sarap talaga! I am yet to try other drinks and hope I could be back soon for a solo session with a book, maybe? This is indeed a must-try for the south people. :)

 *visited November, 2014 (a lag post haha!)

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