Monday, March 30, 2015

Aficionado: CAD Coffee in Singapore

 Finally, naks a post on my blog's aficionado series featuring a cafe abroad! Hahaha! Throwback to November of last year when I was in SG, I made sure to drop by Haji lane and try CAD Cafe. Sure it is, now I am writing about it! Haha! This cafe won't go unnoticed with its bright blue exterior and graffiti paintings. The place is a tiny one with about two to three tables inside and some stools. But true to the meaning of CAD (Coffee Art and Design), how little the place may be, it showcases local and international artworks. No, my photos won't do justice with what I am saying haha! There were artworks displayed on every wall of CAD cafe. 

CAD Cafe is all about Coffee, Art & Design. The founders with backgrounds in art and design have created a space that showcases various works from internationally renowned artists to local upcoming and student works. Also extremely passionate about coffee and food, you can sip on an exceptional cup of coffee and bite into some tasty fare whilst admiring the art work on display. Pop in and say hi at 23 Haji Lane and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with great coffee, food and craft beers. Not only will you find CAD Café at its home base, keep an eye out for our pop up coffee and juice bars at various events across the island. (
 They serve all-breakfast menu and sandwiches. We tried their Grilled Cheese Toasties and it was good! E wala e ma-cheese e so instant like for me! And since it was really hot that day we tried their iced coffee drinks (Ice Latte and Ice Mocha). Their coffee are made of the same coffee beans Toby's Estate use and nothing "CAD-specialty". 
 For someone from another country like me, I found their menu pricey hahaha! But should I be living in Singapore, this would qualify for a go-to place. =) There's a whole lot of coffee shops in Singapore but CAD Cafe is worth a visit and a try.  

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