Monday, March 2, 2015

Lovely February @mSheng12 Instagram

The always-lacking month just ended and passed by like a breeze! March na and it starts to feel a lot like summer already – my not-so-favorite season. Anyway, February was a busy month at work, a passable month for Miss Merie, a fulfilling wander month (I reached another summit!!! And has some sweet staycation, too!), a month I was able to slowly catch-up with my blog backlogs and even had the chance to tweak my blog, can you spot the difference?? Okay, good, buti naman! Hahaha! I was also able to finish reading bookSSSS yes plural form!! Wuhooo! And even posted book comments! I had a fair dose of eat-outs, and celebrations – celebrated my sister’s birthday and hearts day with Luke and a separate one with my girls as well, this month. What a lovely February! Thank You, Lord!

Have hope always, as my Suelas pair say. Somehow, kahit mainit, I am excited what March will bring me. Thrilling! As I was trying to reflect on my February, I started praying for a more rewarding and pleasing month. Not that my first two 2015 months were not, I just wanted this month to be more gratifying. I feel like my decisions lately are so heavy, that it will greatly impact my future. I was also feeling really hopeful for the coming months. I am feeling kind of excited and inspired, too. I hope this is not just fleeting but would be brought across days and months. Kaya ko ‘to, Marso! =)

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