Monday, March 9, 2015

Aficionado: Paume's Pastry House (BF Paranaque)

This was not part of my initial list but it would still fall under my aficionado finds. Paume’s Pastry House is located along Presidents Avenue still in BF Paranaque (oh don’t you just love the south?? Haha!) Together with my family, we had our caffeine and pastry fix that night after my sister's birthday dinner at Bamba Bistro. It was upon my friend’s recommendation that we knew about this place -- it was one good endorsement; it did not upset! 
Bright and a Parisian-inspired interiors greeted us. The vibe was very open and welcoming. There were few tables and seats but the place that night was not fully packed. There is even a tiny nook for kids and toddlers. Their menu is composed of pastas, rice meals too, pastries, desserts; and drinks from juices to coffee brews and coffee-blended ones. I immediately spotted their pastry display, it’s right in front of the door; and for a sweets-lover like me it’s automatically inviting. However, I was not able to try any of their pastries that time. I also spotted their coffee brew machines which actually is one reason why I included Paume’s to my Aficionado list haha!
Each one of us had ordered a drink of some sort, some hot some cold, but I was only to take note of my and Luke’s orders. Their Feel Good Affogato is the best I have tasted so far. Their French Kiss Latte was an instant favorite, too! The fact that we were well-served also added to the fact that my family had an instant liking to the place. As my friend who told me about this, I also highly recommend this place. Yay more south finds!!  

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