Friday, November 20, 2009

The David in Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is someone really worthy to be labeled as Pinoy Pride. Let us set aside those controversies tagged along with his name. Thus I support what Pres. GMA awarded him -- the Sikatuna Award Rank of Datu -- just this afternoon. He is one true-blooded Pinoy not merely going up inside the rink and fighting for his label's sake nor for money but he's also fighting for and in-behalf of his beloved Philippines and its citizenry. No wonder his name is paired with Pambansang Kamao, Pound for Pound King, People's Champ, bayani among others.

Yes, truly his training, hard work, discipline and everything else coupled with what a good boxer must do helped him a lot in winning. But what I personally think that helped him the most in winning all his fights -- is his strong faith in His Creator. I admire his faith the most. Whenever I hear his speeches and interviews, he never forgets to say that the cause of his victory is God, ang Diyos niya. He always does the sign of the cross. He prays. He trusts God that He will help him win the fight. He does not just rely on his own strength but he relies to what God can do the most. This is also the greatest thing Aling/Mommy Dionisia imparted to his son.

Most of us are aware about the story of David and Goliath -- how a small person beat a giant one. Why? All because David believed that God is with Him. This is why I see a David in Pacquiao.

I personally like the things he said during the thanksgiving mass in Quiapo:

Malakas ang loob ko, nagdasal ako tapos milyun-milyon na Pilipino ang nagdasal para sa akin. So bakit pa ako mag-aalinlangan? Bakit pa ako mangangamba? Bakit pa ako matatakot? Nandiyan ang Panginoon sa akin... (I'm confident. I prayed then millions of Filipinos prayed for me. So why do I have to be bothered? Why will I be afraid? Jesus is in me.)

I pray that everyone might get an inspiration from Pacquiao -- a person who really loves God and his country...

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