Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lamest So Far

This is my yearly birthday post.

Yes, as what you can read -- it's the lamest. I just feel sad that nothing special happened. Or maybe I was just used to surprises and celebrations the past 21 years. I was used to my Orig4 celebrating it with me -- but this year, it is totally different. SO DIFFERENT that my parents didn't even greet me on Merie-day. So different that I didn't even had a birthday cake. So different... That I just consoled myself that whatever happens for the rest of the week, it's part of my week-long celebration, yeah whatever. After all, I wished for something like this.

Sunday - Nov 8

I had a 'mini celebration' with just some of my churchmates after watching Paranormal Activity. Just a mini one -- little salu-salo and bonding moments talking about horror films to Pokemon characters to romance comedies to almost anything.

im not in it cos i took it

Monday - Nov 9 - the day itself...

Like what I've said, I seldom celebrate on this day. It's usually a 'normal day' when I just remember that at 4PM in 1987, I was born. Oh and I'm reminded -- this year is rather special 'in a way' because I was born on a Monday. And i should not forget the endless FB greetings and Tumblr greetings -- these jumpstarted my day actually. My SJF made it special.

Tuesday - Nov 10

I spent some time for myself. Strolled around the mall and bought some stuff for no other than me. Of course time for myself would always include a stay in Powerbooks. Then I met Julo. We strolled like what always happen. Took photos, uhmmmm rather lame ones than we had in 2 years. We ate at McDo. And we chilled at Starbucks where we talked about our frustrations and dreams (clickable). This day somehow, took away the loneliness.

Wednesday - Nov 11

I invited Julo, Julie and Julio (btw I'm Jerie that night) to watch a 2012 screening in my church but there was a sudden change of plans and we ended up in ATC. Yes, again. We ate at Yellowcab (many thanks to Julie) then while we were eating Mariane came! Yay! I'm back to being Merie. We chatted of course and then we decided to chill at Starbucks. Toffee Nut Caramel Venti (many thanks to Julio) and Choco Peanut Butter Brownie (i love Mariane). Of course we talked about a lot of things yet again and silly gossips. Oh, you know FB stuff?? Yes, that we talked about too. Beng was in the nearest McDo so we went there and we chatted. 'Twas fun.

Thursday - Nov 12

Thanks to late birthday greetings.

Friday - Nov 13

I guess this is my celebration. I was all alone. I went to ATC. I stayed in Powerbooks where I browsed magazines, read Intimate Encounters with God, Emails from God to Men, 101 Things You Need To Buy Before You Die and skimmed and scanned some other books. I got hungry and so I ate some Jollibee and Greenwhich meals. After which, I chill-ed on my own at Starbucks where I sketched, had completely reread It's Not About Me by Max Lucado, wrote, doodled -- I enjoyed this time for myself. I stayed until around 8:30PM and then took off.

Don't get me wrong. I may be saddened, but I am not completely ungrateful. I am blessed I've reached this age. I am grateful I still was able to do these things for my birthday when others let their birthdays pass without even eating. I am thankful I have these friends after all these years. I still breathe. I still can see. My heart keeps on beating. I can hear. I can feel. I live.

Of course, my POTTER is the reason why am I still alive and was able to still make use of my nostrils in getting and releasing air.

Dear Lord,
I may be saddened, but I thank You for all of these. I owe everything to You. I still pray that despite my shortcomings, use me (forever my prayer).

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