Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weekend no.47

Nov 21, 2009

The day thrilled up as soon as the sun had set. Movie date with Friday club feat. Armon.

So after Julio had SMS-ed us that there are available seats in Festival Mall, Julie, Nik, Armon and I had our final YES to see the New Moon movie which was actually long been scheduled -- a year ago. Just sad, other BERKS whom I greatly expect of didn't respond. Boo Y'ALL! Busy much eh? Anyways, the screening started 9:05PM. Uhmmm, I don't have much to tell about a lame-sleepy movie. As what I expected, the novel itself is not worthy of a movie and voila! I was right. I don't even know why others applauded when the credits were already being shown. And as I always say, don't judge a movie by its book is HIGHLY applicable. I swear I napped for a little less than 5 mins. Oh, some people shrieked that time Jacob removed his shirt. Whuuut? Just a few things I loved about the movie:

  • The audience's reaction to it
  • the OST
  • and that part when the Volturi was in it.
K, thanks.

So where will be the best place to chill and chat after going out from a movie house?? Starbucks!

(1)The Friday Club feat Armon (2)that Barista didn't even wrote my name on my Toffee Nut Latte, so I wrote it myself xD! (3)Every year Starbucks gives out planners if you have completed a certain no. of stickers which are earned through buying a Starbucks drink (4) Our orders all together in one tray

We talked about how lame the movie is, and... I can't remember all since 'twas really one random chat. So no matter how lame New Moon is, what's far more important is that I had the chance to go out and bond with my friends!

Nov 22, 2009

This is what I wore, Sunday. And I guess I should always wear a dress since I got lots of compliments! Ha! Kapal lang eh... That Sunday was one long Sunday. After attending the 2nd service, I had lunch and right after lunch I had a meeting then right after the meeting we had our monthly youth service then youth service was not done yet when I was called for another meeting >__>. Then I was kicked out, well not really, out of that meeting so I went back to the youth service. After the youth service we had some salu-salo cos Geli is now a licensed teacher. Wuhoo! Then after, we had some chats and humorous conversations then we went to Aaron's Mom's wake, then we went to visit Agullo residence and saw this turtle which I'm thinking of how to take it home.. hmmm...:

Wait i'm not yet done, then we had dinner at Aldea's residence. I was the last one to finish cos uhmm well I think I ate 4 servings. Eh, ang sarap ng adobo and fish eh!!! Uhmmm I got full that I looked like a butete, having a big tummy after eating.

Then I went home.

Weekend no. 47 is not lame HOORAY! Wonder how next weekend will turn out. Oh please, let me see the last fashion show!

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