Sunday, November 27, 2011

113. Birthmonth Day 26 Spectacular Spectrum

Second year in a row. The first time we watched the light and sound show at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, we were just really close friends. But this time around I shall tell it this way --- the BOYFRIEND and I again witnessed the Spectacular Spectrum, the light and sound show, at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Ain’t it a really nice sequence of events?? But indeed, we watched the show and seems like we’re setting a tradition for the both of us.

We had lunch at Amici at the Ayala Triangle. Pizza and pasta and Caramia desserts = one delightful afternoon!

Rouge cake by Caramia

We walked to the Ayala Malls for some ~fun~ called Timezone and strolling. We eventually went back to the Ayala Triangle in time to see the show…

And it was wonderful though we both agree that we loved the previous year’s better than this year. Last year was more ‘dramatic’. This year was more lively and jolly.

So there, I must admit that while watching Spectacular Spectrum that I first felt the Christmas season.

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