Monday, August 20, 2012

131. Something New With My Lovelies

This is a late post. But before I tell the tale of one Saturday night, can you allow me to rant the reason why I can't seem to blog on time? It's because of my crappy internet connection. It gets me annoyed so easily so I am defeated and usually end up not posting and not being able to do cyber stuff. And right now that I am writing I am thinking of switching to a new one. And my laptop isn't helping that much as well. It has a lot of clutter inside as it was never reformatted for almost five years now! Yes, that's how old my laptop is that I'm thinking of buying a new one or an equivalent. End rant. Thank you.

It took us two months to see each other again but the fondness and the bond with each other did not diminish. It was yet another fun but scary-gory night with my lovelies.

The title tells on 'something new' -- because we spent the night at.... SM Southmall! O diba something new. I am not even being sarcastic! We usually opt for ATC each time the four of us decide to hang out. But that night was different. Well, given the fact that SM Southmall is relatively newly-renovated, we gave it a chance. Haha!

We had our dinner at Burgoo -- pasta and pizza night! And yes, my dear friends, I had my carbonara fix. I feel like I'm a carbonara-hunter in search for the carbonara-that-one-would-request-on-his-deathbed. Sadly, Burgoo did not meet the needs of my carbonara taste buds. But the sampler pizza we had was good. :) They're not their bestsellers anyway, kaya okay lang.

Burgoo's carbonara

Burgoo's Sampler Pizza

The blooming birthday celebrant!

When we eat, it's coupled with a lot of fast-paced catching up and of very random stuff -- batchmates, common friends, travel, shopping, movies... Which lead us to talk about 'The Healing'. So what happens next? We purchased movie tix, Julie's treat (thank you!!) and watched it ofcorz. It's been years since we last watched at SM Southmall cinema, we normally have a bad experience watching with them like, suddenly muted and black out during the course of the movie. Who wants that?

So how was the movie?? If I should rank Feng Shui, Sukob and The Healing, I am afraid that the latest gets the top spot. It will make you cover your eyes and scream! It has double G factors - gulat and gory! Overall  it's worth the watch! Chito S. Rono did it again.

Looking forward to the next date with my lovelies! So blessed to have them!

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