Friday, August 24, 2012

132. Fashion Friday: Of Peplum

Fashion Friday! I know it's so usual but just allow me okay? Anyway, I’m just posting for the sake of sharing my love for peplum!!! Anything peplum easily catches even the cornerest part of the corner of my eye. That was O.A. But yes, I do like peplums. Why am I talking about peplums? I just recalled me sketching quite a no. of peplum pieces for a contest I joined. But then the spontaneity in me decided otherwise. And guess what?! I didn’t win but a peplum piece made by another contestant won! Imagine my regret! So here I am now passing onto you my regret by blogging my adoration for almost anything peplum.

What is a peplum?
 a flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket, bodice, etc. (
Let me show you some of the peplum pieces I've stumbled upon while window shopping online. Aah! If only budget is not a problem!

1 - Topshop || 2 - River Island || 3,6 - House of Fraser || 4 - Dorothy Perkins || 5 - Miss Selfridge

1,2-Topshop || 3 - House of Fraser || 4 - Mango || 5 - Dorothy Perkins

1 - Topshop || 2,3 - A Wear || 4,5,7 - House of Fraser || 6- Stylebop || 8 - Little Mistress || 9 - Debenhams || 10 - |ModCloth | 11 - Miss Selfridge || 12 - Paprika (Bank Fashion)

Now tell me, don't you just adore these pieces? And these are just a few! It's an ocean of choices for anything peplum out there!

Peplums are fun to style! Peplum in any piece -- tops, blazers, jackets, dresses -- readily makes any outfit edgy. The flare from the waist does the trick. Depending on the color, fabric and the print, it can go from casual to classic. So make sure to own even just a piece!

Came up with this :)

The adoration for peplum lead me to deciding to add some peplum pieces to my next collection. Naks kala mo naman haha. Actually, I’ve started super micro mini (not a skirt) clothing business. As of now i am exclusive to my two supportive clients. Who knows when I’ll branch out of them two. :)

That's all for Fashion Friday!

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