Monday, August 27, 2012

133. A Forced Date!

It was planned by someone named Chat without I and RV knowing about it. Thus, forced! It was a holiday, anyway, that we didn't have a choice but to give in. Joke lang, Chat! It was actually a fun breezy day with these two ladies. Might I add that I am the youngest among us three and somehow gave me a 'refreshing' feeling as usually I am the eldest among a group. Binuking ang sarili ko! Idaan na lang sa face value -- people usually guess my age younger! O diba?

Props to RV for the effort of coming all the way from the North to bond with us here at South! And yes, nowhere but in ATC! :)

Pizza, pasta, colors and smoothies -- this is how I summarize how our day had been.

First off, we had our late lunch plus random talks over Cibo's pizza and pasta. Aaah I love Cibo!!

Cibo's Linguine alla Ghiotta and Prosciutto di Parma Rosa

We had a tad shopping!! But guess what we shopped for? Blame this on the coloring paper placemat of Cibo that we felt that coloring is stress-relieving! We spent a good hour inside National Bookstore just trying to figure out what coloring book suits each one of us! We even took quite some time choosing the coloring materials too! It seems like the highlight of our day!!

My stuff! ^_^ I'm a happy kid!
And since both of them are Jamba Juice virgins, we ordered ourselves some smoothies to cap off our day! :) Squeeze the day!!

Somehow, I felt like I belong to a new set of girlfriends! :) Thank you, girls!! Hope we can do this again. I am grateful with these two as I learn things from them :)


p.s. Sorry for the poor photo quality  :)

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