Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tiger for a Day. Archers in Yellow.

Yesterday, Luke and I watched the do or die game of NU-UST, semi-finals round. We’re lucky to get patron tickets for the game and witness up-close his alma mater’s win. Yes, UST won. They made it to the finals, which translates to our alma maters’ rivalry (DLSUST). So, where are we sitting on the final games, Luke? Haha!

and UST made it to the FINALS again!
For a day, I was in yellow, and was “part” of the crowd hoping for UST’s win. It was indeed a Cinderella run for the Tigers! Such a heart-warming scene -- the players, Coach Pido and the 6th man in tears, joyful and overwhelmed by yesterday’s win. For a day I felt for the Tigers and the yellow crowd.

But come next week, Animo La Salle na ako syempre haha!! Speaking of… I had the chance to take photos with Sir Alvin “Robocop” Teng, and with of course, fellow-La Sallian who is also in yellow, King Archer, Jeron Teng! :)

with Sir Alvin "Robocop" Alvin Teng
with Jeron "King Archer" Teng

And of course with the KING TIGER of my HEART hahaha ang cheesy!!!
The rare instance he's not too shy to take our photo together hihihi!

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