Monday, October 6, 2014

September Lunch and Coffee Dates

Okay so I ran out of excuses for all the backlogs in my blog hahaha! Sometimes I still wish I could have the luxury of time I used to have on those active blogging days. Oh those were the days indeed. Moving on to what this post is about...

A compilation of my eat-out's with the people that matter last September! Ever since I started working in Alabang, spontaneous coffee and lunch dates declined significantly and so each time I had the chance to meet and eat with people I feel giddied. Haha!

September 20 - Cafe Adriatico and CBTL date after Manila Book Fair slash client meet-up with Arianne and Sy (who is not in the picture). It's an in-between book club session! We had fun (of course) at the MIBF2014 and the catching up too! 

September 26 - Yabu with the parents, my Fridates that night. It was their first time and they enjoyed it!! I like it when they enjoy restaurants other than those that offer Filipino dishes. My parents are typical. They especially enjoyed the unli cabbage and fruits hahaha! That night I felt like an only child! Hihihi. 

September 28 - The night prior to this, I already had steak but still craved for something meaty and so ta-daaaa! Racks!!! Happy tummy!! And the Coldstone dessert right after. Made sweeter having it with boss amo Luke. :)

September 30 - What a way to end September --  with my lovelies. A night of catching up as it's been a while. Hmmmm we should plan our next travel already. We tried Teddy's Bigger Burgers at Greenbelt, and we all got disappointed. Too pricey for a burger that was not really that big, too salty patty and dry buns. To compensate our dismayed taste buds, we had Gelatissimo gelato!  So blessed with this bunch of ladies. I will forever be grateful for having them.

And there goes some eat-outs, as I may have missed some eat-out, for September. 

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