Wednesday, October 8, 2014

With Andrea

Back when we were taking photos of these I was already composing in my mind a journal entry like "who says one can't enjoy summer in the city??" And who am I kidding now it's almost the end of the year but my blogging motto says "Better late than never." Haha!

After our learning experience at the Mind Museum, a hearty lunch at Elias followed through. We indulged ourselves on some Filipino dishes. 

Again, meet Andrea, Luke's pretty niece. It was her first time at BGC and what to do but stroll her around. It was a good thing that High Street had these stuff that made the place feel summery. We ended up abusing them and taking photos. 

We also did a lot of shopping all because of those back-to-school stuff. It was fun and tiring, oh you know how shopping goes. Thanks Boss Amo Luke for our treats!!

Our last stop during that day was in Cafe Pascucci. It's becoming a favorite coffee place for Luke and I. My favorite is their cream cheese pan de sal and I still ca't decide on what my favorite drink of theirs would be. Haha! We just had this time to relax ourselves from all those standing and strolling and walking yada yada yada...

It was a fun experience spending the day with Luke and Andrea. Looking forward to our next. 

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