Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Hong Kong Arrival and Ocean Park

OFunny how it took me a year to write about the first out-of-the-country experience with my boss amo! Hahaha! I haven’t even compiled the videos yet, after a year! Anyway this will always be a memorable travel. We flew out of the country right after the storm Yolanda’s devastation in the country. With somehow a guilty feeling, we still feel blessed pushing through with this trip last 2013.

It was an early flight from Clark International airport! We left the city at around 3AM to catch the 6AM flight to Hong Kong. This trip was composed of a lot of first-time’s, like my first time to step inside this International airport. I found it clean and organized.
As my usual self during travels, I have my last minute checklists haha! I always opt for a DIY for our itineraries, I always believe that I can always save time and money managing it. Traveling does not necessarily be that expensive and glamorous. And of course, a "selfie" with my boss amo for our first out-of-the-country together!

And here we go.... We finally landed!! I was like WOOOWWWWWW with Hong Kong's Airport. Sorry for the terms but ang bulok lang ng airport ng Pilipinas hahaha! Kanina lang sabi ko clean and organized. Well, it's just that this airport is huge, very well organized, clean and hi-tech! Sabi ko talaga ang cool, train transfers within the airport! Same with the first bus ride, I found it cool as well! Right from the airport, the transportation system is evidently great!

We headed first to our hotel to drop off our baggage. It was too early for our hotel check-in, the good thing is we were allowed to check-in our stuff first. And off we went to explore this country. Our first stop was Ocean Park! The effects of Yolanda can still be felt. It was sort of gloomy that morning, well that day.

What else to do but explore the fishes and the sea creatures. May Ocean Park naman dito sa Manila pero syempre mas iba tong so Hong Kong. 
And then of course my first time to see a panda!!
And penguins!!
Just roaming around and taking photos here and there.
Tried a few rides since most of the "extreme" rides were closed due to the not-so-good weather.
I guess this is the most extreme ride we had tried. Well, that rhymes haha!
More photos...
And here's Luke. May meaning daw tong photo na 'to. To all his former teachers daw haha!

Sadly, we were not able to maximize our trip to Ocean Park but still was worth the while. Some day I might be back here but I am not pretty sure if I would try the extreme rides still. Haha! It was a good and tiring first part of our Hong Kong trip. I vow to post the next Hong Kong posts soon! Haha!

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