Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thankful Thursday: September Edition

01 Thank you, Lord, for allowing this day to happen. A lot of lack on my part and still you gave me a chance. Thank You for allowing me to have no regrets at the very least. Thank You for paving way to meet new people who I know would be justifications of Your sovereignty.

02 A surprise visit from an architect and friend. What a night of catching up. So blessed with this young lady who never forgets.

03 My kit has arrived. Almost a month of design and layout approval and delays it’s nice to see how good it turned out to be. Thankful for patient contacts and generous feedback. Praying for these that it would lead back more clients.

04 As a Filipino, I feel thankful for this milestone of a win. The Philippines is blessed with talented and skilled people who pour their hearts out on whatever craft they have. Just like Gilas Pilipinas, a very good representation of our nation. Blessed that the whole world recognizes such talents.

05 The time of the month I am reminded of being blessed by a man like my boyfriend. I love him more every month. Days have been busy for the both of us and I feel thankful for his usual understanding.

06 What a Saturday. Thankful for today’s overall productivity - meeting my dressmakers, breakfast with my family, teambuilding and dinner, and a date with my boss amo, chilling catching up at my favorite coffee shop, played in Game Zoo and sang our hearts out. Saturdays like this may be tiring but worth it.

07 Sunday was comprised of another set of random events. Blessed to have spent more time with boss amo, see good family relationships, squeezed in a collab meeting, and this book haul. It’s my guilty pleasure to shop and spend for books and I like it even more when it’s on a cover not published here locally.

08 Monday’s productivity. The day started to be unkind at work, but thank God for I know He made me feel better. Prayers are really helpful.

09 Stayed until midnight at work. Crazy working on 2015-2017 budget. Crazy system shutting down during the time it was most needed. Thankful for this Hansel Premium which seriously helped me survive having no lunch and dinner full meals. Crazy day.

10 To again surprise a colleague on his special day, one of the things I feel really happy and grateful doing.

11 Putok-batok birthday treat! I enjoyed eating liempo!!!

12 Orders.

13 Finally my hair’s much needed treatment and trim and recolor. Salon bonding with my Mom, too!

14 Cheap staycation and another opportunity that lead to this.

15 Today, I wanna thank the Lord for guiding me past the exam and job interview and acing them, amidst my really under the weather feeling. Whatever the result of the upcoming interview will be I would not regret anything. Also, I thank whoever is behind this Amber’s pichi-pichi recipe. It’s been my favorite ever since and today’s comfort food for the sick lady.

16 Felt a little bit better. Also blessed for some “investment talk” with my uncle, dinner and coffee night with the family, despite feeling sick, was able to go by today.

17 It’s that time of the year!!! Book haul during day one of Manila International Book Fair 2014!! More books the merrier haha!

18 Three-month lag recognition! Haha! Funny how I wasn’t expecting anything at all.

19 Mini gathering with my aunts and uncles. Thankful for moments like this. My relatives are my treasures too! Thankful for my uncle who finally will give the support I need!! Thankful for my aunts who also provided support in another way!! So blessed, thank You Lord!!

20 Saturday spent well and productively: bonding with relatives before they fly home. Bonding with my parents. Fabric sourcing. Client meeting. And book fair again! Catch-up date with fellow book club members. Quality time with boss amo. Fun long day!

21 Things that God definitely purposed to light up people’s moods. Just noticed these daisies in bloom as I enter our little garden. Simple joys.

22 Monday and I read a book at work. My report won’t allow me to multitask on the background. It’s a blessing in disguise!

23 Grateful for my father and an additional knot to his rope.

24 Seeing just this katya make my heart skip with joy! I can’t explain the feeling. Praying for the final outcome!

25 Two days ago I started reading this book and now finished it. I feel blessed with the lives and testimonies of the people mentioned in and with the fullness of this book. I learned a lot and I feel more motivated now.

26 Date on a Friday night with my parents. Took them to Yabu, a not so familiar restaurant to them and glad that they liked it. Oh the simple joys of unli-cabbage and fruits made our night haha! I love it that I was able to spend time with them!

27 I feel so glad and excited seeing my first ever bride fit the wedding gown in katya form. I still pray for the success of the final outcome of the whole wedding entourage dresses.

28 Glad that I was able to attend church service today, meeting for the collab and spend time with my boss amo over Racks dinner and Coldstone!!

29 House tripping with my boss amo today and lots of quality time with him! Praying and excited but of course let His will be done.

30 What a way to endmy September - date night with my lovelies. How I missed them. Glad and blessed to know that I have them always.

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