Sunday, February 7, 2010

ASAP > sop

Just allow me... This is while I can pour out thoughts because I have the resources and time, arasso??

I LOVE ASAP. I got the chance to watch it today for we don't have a youth gathering. Circumstances allowed me to go home (though I wasn't able to attend the worker's meeting). Anyway, I've been a 'watcher' of ASAP as soon as it started broadcasting 15 years ago. Me and my cousins were avid watchers, until, my family got active to church activities.

It was their anniversary special a while ago. It's good to relive the good ol' days. And ASAP just keeps getting better and better! I LOVE STREEBOYS and they were there and danced a while ago. There were reunions. I wasn't really a fan of THE HUNKS but to see them together again is just nostalgic. Then FULL CIRCLE, SUPAHDANCE, THE CHAMPIONS, etc etc...

And there was a bonus... 4Minute perfed too. Olleh! xD

But seriously, despite my fondness of Korean entertainment, I'm still for FILIPINO WORLDCLASS TALENT. I still believe Filipinos can do better. Just sometimes, I do not agree to those Filipino fans of kpop who bashes our own talents. I mean, there would really be bash-worthy ones but remember that the reason why Korea is so successful in this endeavor because they are very supportive of their own. On the other side, Filipino entertainment needs to be improved too, but just look at let's say ASAP, we are worldclass and we will get there.

and oh...
ASAP > sop

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