Thursday, February 18, 2010

I will miss you Haloscan

I was with this lovely person, named Tine, yesterday. Though 'twas for a short time, the little talk we had over lunch was the highlight of my day yesterday. Imma steal her phone which btw was the one used to capture this shot. xD

And this:

Dear Life,
Why are you so bitter-sweet. I prayed that my favorite bands will have concerts here and they were answered — one on March 6, next on April 10 and then this on April 20. But I don’t recall praying for all of them to come almost at the same time. Money matters. God will provide!

1-2-3 Whateverisms:
  • Something supernatural happened early this evening.
  • Tomorrow is LaSalle's Univ Week culmination but...
  • There will also be a Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo sponsored event at UST tomorrow.
  • I might go to Divisoria tomorrow for a little help to my cousin's wedding preps. Keyword: MIGHT.
  • This layie would be temporary as I will try to tweak another layie (hopefully this weekend). Thank you Haloscan for serving your purpose for my 5 blogging years.
  • Something for my sweet tooth:
And God shall supply all your needs...

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Jez said...

Yay! A blogger comment box! :-D

Anyway, thanks for the info. Will save up for that event.

Blog more often :)