Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'll Miss. I Miss. I Missed.

I don't know but I feel like posting...

Random random random...

Yesterday is the first graduation for Winter Camp for some of the students at Jabez, which means it was their last day yesterday already. During the last hour last night, what we just did are camwhore and have fun. We didn't care with what the head teacher and Korean managers would tell us. We just made the most out of the moment. SAD. I saw some students cry and all of them feels sad that they're leaving. There was this one student named Rachael. She's not even my student but when I hugged her goodbye, she started crying. :'( She's so sweet. I hugged every girl student and my student whose English name is Joy (Kim Young Woong) but who is really a guy. He was the most pasaway (hard-headed, so playful, almost-ADHD type) student I had. I feel like he doesn't like me and he feels that I don't like him either. But during the last hour he said to me "I'll miss you" = 보고 싶을거야 (bo go shi peul guh ya) [im not sure if this is the right spelling though]. Yes he even said it in Korean because he told me that it's better said in his native language. And then before he rode into the service, we hugged each other. Almost in tears. I WILL DEFINITELY MISS ALL OF THEM. I got the email addresses of some and they told me I can stay in their homes whenever I get the chance to visit Korea. Haha! Soon, Merie, soon. :P Sarah's last day was last Thursday. She's the youngest student I had and the cutest and nicest one. :) I just need to keep up with her being talkative. ^_^ Then next week, two of my students will go back to Korea too. Sigh sigh sigh. I've been attached. Just sad...

I and Sarah. She's too prection!
I and Sarah. She's too prection!
This is Joy. ^_^ I'll miss him.

And still Korea-related...

4Minute is in the Philippines right now. They are having a series of mall shows at SM Malls (MOA, Megamall, North Edsa). I'm not really a fan but I liked their songs Muzik and What A Girl Wants and I missed the chance to see them perform live for free. Then this afternoon I saw them perform 'What A Girl Wants'' at Wowowee, one of our high-rating local afternoon shows. I don't know. Wowowee uhmm err. Ok. But I liked the way Jiyoon said "Bongga bongga". Haha! Anyways, Kinilig ako upon seeing them. KPop scene is now saturating Philippine market. The next 2 months, there's FTI and SJ that'll have concerts. OHEMGEE. Ok I'll stop. *restrain*

I miss the old days of Orig4+Julo. I REALLY DO. But, it's all part of growing up. Ganun talaga. It's just annoying, it's like there are people who are not extending efforts. Sorry but this is how I feel.

Last Saturday (01-30), I and Tine went to Ascott Hotel at Makati to attend an advocacy talk. It was really good not to mention the really savory food. ^___^ I might blog about this advocacy more. Keyword: MIGHT. I had a good time with her while strolling around the malls in the area. How I missed Nuffnang events and Tine of course!

And I feel like I need a haircut or specifically a fringe-trim. My fringes are going past my eyebrows already. I said to myself that I'm not having a major haircut for this year. Let's see if I'll stick to this. Ehehe.
/rant fringes are looong.
Blemishes irritate me.
I think my face is getting thinner. OH NO.
/end rant.

Lately, I've been thankful a lot to my Potter. It's just shows that when you do the things that's according to His will, good things happen. Blessings come your way. But more than these is the joy that you feel because you know you are making Him happy and proud of what you're doing.

I'm leaving my current job soon. I'm gonna put a brave face on for whatever lies ahead.

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