Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Awesome Weekend no. 8

I'm not feeling well at this moment I'm writing but I just feel the need to blog about an awesome weekend.

Friday, February 19, 2010

What I thought would be just-a-normal-Friday turned out to be awesome! I went straight home after attending my 2-hour part-time job. I satisfied the cravings of my digestive system and my sweet tooth and was already at the comfort of my bed and was about to write a post about how that day was just a normal one when my Mom texted me:

Mama: Punta Paul Jake here sa office @ 2PM.
Me: Papicture ka.
Mama: Hindi ko dala camera. Punta ka dito.

And I thought she was just kidding. She was serious. My parents personally knows Paul Jake's parents as my father used to work with their firm and my Mom still works with them. The very reason why they stay tuned to Pinoy Big Brother Double Up is just because of Paul Jake. I just thought that maybe seeing Paul Jake can flip the day into an awesome one, I decided to just drop by my Mom's office. Well, I didn't just drop by, I stayed. Paul Jake is really nice and handsome and friendly just like his parents.

PJ talking to his dad

PJ and me

look at my Mom's pa-demure face XD

Mama to PJ: Dati lalakad lakad ka dito wala lang mga tao ngayon pinagkakaguluhan ka na!

So true.

The day continued to be awesome as I and my Mom went to see A Journey Home (but my Mom had seen it ahead of me at its premiere night). Watched it also together with co- youth ministry members and churchmates.

A really nice, hopeful and inspiring movie! Two thumbs up from me. The movie house was filled with laughter and tears. A movie that has a good mix of comedy and drama that will surely touch its watchers’ hearts. Kudos to Director Paul Soriano and the team.

Saturday, February 20, 1010

What, again, I thought would be a lame day turned out to be great as well! After almost a decade of not seeing each other, I'm so delighted to see Ms. Monica Tirados again! She's a childhood friend who used to live next door. We used to sit on the floor and share our collections of stickers and stationary. We used to visit each other's houses and play, ride on our bikes and enjoy our village's surroundings, would break into quarrels but would be ok later on and munch on a very hearty merienda made by our 'yayas'. I miss those days. We're adults now! O.O

Nica with the Clarete's

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First thing. To God be the Glory! I attended the 1st service of our church because our youth leader and my mentor preached in front of the congregation. I know that the Holy Spirit was there with her as many people were blessed.

Next, I, Kaye, Julie and Julo celebrated Julo's 22nd birthday at Shakey's, ATC. Whoever said that they were in reducing is a liar. XP

Shakey's Ice Cream bar is so good!

Cr: to Julo Cope for these photos

Sunday was awesome also because Tine was able to get our Super Show 2 tix! I owe you a lot! :)

Let us all welcome El NiƱo summer... And oh, this is something true :)

Your grace is enough.

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